Samsung Galaxy S Plus GTI9001 ကေန CM9 Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware တင္နည္း

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 ကို Android 4.0.4 ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich)အျဖစ္
(CM9) firmware update လုပ္ခ်င္သူမ်ားအတြက္ေအာက္မွာ step-by-step ရွင္းျပထားပါတယ္။


A. ပထမဆံုးမိမိ ဖုန္းထဲက SMS, music, video, files, settings, အစရွိသည္တို႔ကို Backup

B. မိမိဖုန္းကို battery အား 70% ထိရွိရပါမည္။
C. မိမိဖုန္းမွာ antivirus apps ထည့္ထားလွ်င္ အရင္ဆံုး Turn off or disable လုပ္ထားပါ။
D. မိမိရဲ႕ဖုန္းကို Settings => Applications => Development => USB Debugging ဖြင့္ထားျပီး
computer နဲ႔ connecting လုပ္ထားပါ။
ျပီးရင္ေအာက္မွာ ျပထားတဲ့အဆင့္ဆင့္အတိုင္းတစ္ခုျပီးတစ္ခုလုပ္သြားလိုက္ပါ။
အရင္ဆံုး  CM9 Android 4.0 ICS package ကိုေအာက္မွာအရင္သြားေဒါင္းလိုက္ပါ။

Updating Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

Step 1: First, you need to download the CM9 Android 4.0 ICS package save them into your computer in a directory you can easily find and access. The ICS package is around 120MB so depending on your connection, it may take a little while to finish downloading it.

Step 2: Connection your Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT to your computer using the original USB cable and copy both packages to your phone’s SD card. Make sure you don’t put them inside a sub-directory as they will become undetectable. After they have been copied, disconnect your phone from your computer and turn it off.

Step 3: Put your Samsung Galaxy S Plus into Recovery Mode holding down the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together. If your devices fails to boot into Recovery Mode, do this step again until it does.

Step 4: Assuming you are now inside the Recovery Mode, choose “Wipe data/factory reset” followed with “Wipe Cache partition” to clear all the data in your phones memory.

Step 5: Still inside the Recovery Mode, select “install zip from sd card” then “choose zip from sd card” and browse to your phone’s SD card and choose “CM9 ICS 4.0.4 Package” then the “Google Apps” package.

Step 6: After you’ve chosen these files, it will take around 5 to 7 minutes for the device to update the firmware. You just have to wait until you will be brought back to the Recovery Mode screen. There are times when the device is rebooted automatically after the update.

Step 7: If you landed on Recovery Mode, choose “++++ Go Back ++++” and select “reboot system now,” otherwise you are good to go.
There you have it! That’s how you update your Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 to CM9 Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware. You can check the version to see if it’s really running on ICS 4.0.4.

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မန္ဘာ၀င္ခဲ့ျခင္းျဖင့္ ပိုစ့္အသစ္တင္တိုင္း မိမိ Gmail ထဲကိုတိုက္ရိုက္ေရာက္ရွိမည္ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ ထို႔ေၾကာင့္မန္ဘာ၀င္ခဲ့ဖို႔ဖိတ္ေခၚပါတယ္။

Download CM9 Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware (120Mb) 

ေဒါင္းနည္းမ်ားမသိပါက ဒီမွာ သြားၾကည့္ေပးပါခင္ဗ်ာ
အဆင္ေျပရင္ ဆိုဒ္က ေၾကာ္ျငာမ်ားကို တစ္ခ်က္ေလာက္ႏွိပ္သြားပါအံုးခင္ဗ်ာ


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